Bruno Hosennen (1933-2010) was neither a brilliant painter, nor a famous philosopher, nor a well known author, although he had a natural predisposition for all of those. The great poverty of the village at that time made a higher education impossible. He was a simple mountain man, as a young man earning his money as a mule handler or laborer in tunnel construction. He later worked his own property as a passionate farmer and vintner.

Stubborn, obstinate and truly original, he drew the attention of the urbanite and tourist Helen Guedel. As an artist she sensed the great force of the place and the man. Without any technical means of help, with only his mule and a wooden sleigh, he accomplished the most difficult tasks, just like he had learned it from his predecessors. Not only was he connected to nature, he was nature, familiar with every rock, every tree and every animal. The artist moved in with him in 1989, and made him and his lifestyle, together with the dreamlike atmosphere of the scenery, the content of several children books, which have been published in half the world (USA, Australia, Korea, UAR).  People from in- and out of country have made  pilgrimages  to Bruno’s house with these books under their arms and have become his fans.


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