Helen Guedel, Author and Painter

Helen Güdel was born 1935 in Zurich, Switzerland and brought up there. Following graduation from college she worked as a secretary in Paris for three years and then in San Francisco for two. Back in Bern, Switzerland, she married and had three children. Her career as an artist started with small pictures that she sold on the flea market in Zurich. It was there that she was discovered by the owner of a gallery. She had her first solo exhibition in Bern in 1975, followed by her first book “Berner Bilderbuch”. Since then she has had over 100 exhibitions and has shown her pictures on every continent, except Asia. She is the recipient of several international prizes, and her work hangs on the wall of the Musee de L’Art Naif in Paris.

In 1978 she discovered the mountain village of Toerbel at an altitude of 4900 feet. She settled there permanently in1987 and entered into a partnership with the local farmer Bruno. She worked with him in agriculture, learned how to handle cows, goats, and mules, produced cheese and churned butter and used the experiences of her new life as the theme of  several books for children. Some of them were also printed in the USA, Australia, South Korea, and the UAR.

Following the death of her partner in 2010 and with the assets he left,  she founded the museum “Brunos Hischi”, that also includes an annex serving as an art gallery.


Album Mondial de la Peinture Naïve

Ed- Hervè, Paris


Le rêve et le Naïfs

Ed. Max Fourny, Paris


L fête et les Naïfs

Ed. Max Fourny, Paris


Berner Bilderbuch

Ed. Erpf, Bern


„Lieber Alex“ Band I, II und III

Zytglogge Verlag,. Oberhofen BE


Célestine und Polykarp

Zytglogge Verlag,  Oberhofen BE


Apollo, das Maultier

Atlantis Verlag, Zürich


Dear Alexandra

Soundprints, Norwalk USA


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