Ezilda Saraceni

Acrylic paintings

Private view May 21rst at 2 o’clock p.m.

One cannot describe the artist Ezilda Saraceni with more accurate words than those used by the English writer John Bayley for his wife, the famous philosopher Iris Murdoch: ….”she showed no urge, not in society – in the fancy In-Group of society – to accomplish anything. She never had a flair for what would serve a social or artistic success”. (Book: Elegy for Iris).

Ezilda Saraceni was born 1935 in Bern and raised as an only child of a father from Graubünden and an Italian mother. Her father was a professional musician. She later married an Italian mathematician, remained in Bern and raised with him their three daughters. Against Italian tradition, the family lived in a world of their own. Saraceni painted picture after picture on canvas of events she fantasied, with no ambitions attached. By chance she met Helen Güdel who convinced her to exhibit her work in Bern. Despite a huge success and gallery owners who were interested in her, she did not want to exhibit again. Only once did she agree to participate on an international competition of Naïv Art in Morges, where she received the national prize for Switzerland.

Therefore we are extremely pleased that she was willing to have her work exhibited for a season here in the gallery of “Brunos Hischi”.

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